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Author Shirley JoAnn Taylor

Christian Author Shirley JoAnn Taylor


Abba’s Sanctuary

Abba's Sanctuary book l and 2 are stories the Father wanted me to write to show people how he will bring not only people in your life to help but also his creations to protect, nurture, and give knowledge to children what he has created and how each creation has a place in the world which are important to him.

I had no idea that this would happen to me, the children, and staff. We were surprised at each one, and we did our best to care for each one as they came to us. There is love in each story, and I hope you can feel what I felt as each creature came forth.

Giving facts to children is important for their development and letting them know how wonderfully rich we are to have the opportunity to understand and watch his creations, though living in the wild, be a part of our lives up close.

Abba’s Sanctuary