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An Untimely Birth

An Untimely Birth by Alison M. Tomlinson sheds light on the corruption in the medical industry and the industry of Big Pharma, helping readers to discover another Healer; His name is Jesus. In her fictional novel, a young girl experiences horrific deception. Revealing dark things from the medical world, the author intertwines an unfolding drama weaved together with time travel, deception, and the spiritual roots to modern-medicine trace back to classical Greece. It has been said that the root of all evil is the love of money. Big Pharma. This unforgettable journey reveals the darkness and greed in the medical industry through the characterís journey from crisis to truth, redemption and healing that is found Jesus Christ.

Thought-provoking, and with a multi-dimensional approach, the author unfolds a mysterious sinister plot in an unlikely way (that will help readers understand some of the things going on in the medical industry), while addressing other issues such as: forgiveness, faith in Jesus through crisis and truth. Fast-paced, this book offers elements of time travel, unconditional forgiveness in Jesus, faith, and love that will have readers cheering for Beckie.

Beckie has betrayal on many levels at the most inopportune of times. Becky, very pregnant, discovers an awful truth. Her boyfriend has cheated on her with a prostitute, is HIV positive and may have infected Becky and their unborn baby, Daisy. Telling her this awful news while she is sick in the hospital sends Becky on a rampage. Unable to handle the grief, despair and sorrow, she sends her boyfriend Julian out of her life for good.

Preparing for an unwanted cesarean birth, Beckie counts back from 10 and finds herself in another place. Finding herself in a past era in Classical Greece. Filled with intrigue and winding paths, she knows itís a dream, yet finds reality and discovers some interesting truths and deceptions prevalent in the medical industry. Strange twist and turns of events lead to a further botched time travel effort, as she awakes in year 2067 instead of 2017.

This is a unique read exposing some dark truths in the Big Pharma industry while encouraging readers to look to another Healer Jesus, as their guide for healing.       

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Iím Sorry, Oliver

Iím Sorry, Oliver by Alison M. Tomlinson is based on the true-life events of the author. Offering insight into the spiritual realm, the author writes an amazingly unique Christian fiction filled with insight into the spiritual realm as she depicts the Scripture based on John 10:10 (NIV), The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  Depicting the suffering she faced through her battle to good health, the birth and death of her handicapped son and Heavenís intervention upon her behalf, faith, miracles, angels and the demonic realm reveal to readers a story that is not only heartbreaking, infuriating, and intriguing, but gives hope as Sylvie finds new life in revived health and a deep resolute faith in God as her Healer and Savior.


Born premature, Oliver, is sickly from birth. After several weeks, it is discovered that Oliver has severe physical and mental handicaps that cut his life short at the age of 10. Sylvie and her husband, Neil, are devastated when they discover that an asthma drug given to Sylvie during pregnancy could have caused Oliverís condition.

Through fiction, Alison presents her years of struggle with her own health and that of her severely handicapped son, Timothy. Capturing a motherís loving heart and complete devotion to her son, the author sheds light into deception into the medical industry, unveiling that it is not the cure-all that people believe it to be.

From a nutritional perspective the author learns her sensitivity to gluten, and that the human body is designed to heal itself with the right nutrients. This is a moving and compassionate story, offering readers elements of surprise, intrigue, suspense, real-life drama, the Big Pharma industry, and deception within the medical community that make for a surprising, yet unforgettable drama that is thought-provoking and challenging, yet transformational and inspiring, leading people to the truth of Jesus, the Bible and Godís healing power and wisdom.

A highly recommended read for Christians and non-believers alike! ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews.

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