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Christian  Author Lewis Buckland


Christian Author Lewis Buckland

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There are two geometries in the world—the geometry of Jehovah God, and the geometry of the devil. Jehovah god represents the Aaronic priesthood (Renewing of the holy ghost) and the devil represents the mystery of Babylon. (God of forces)

The Inkhorn compares these geometries and applies scripture to what we see in the world today. It answers the age-old question regarding why our ancestors built pyramids in exact alignment to the stars and worshipped the sun and moon gods in a hierarchical structure. It will be revealed that this was due to the mystery of Babylon. (Hierarchy of the angels)

The body of Jesus Christ, and the holy ghost, and the body of Satan and the cosmic sorceries of the universe (The spirit of Antichrist) are two hierarchies in the world that we must understand. With this understanding, we can explore future prophecies to come, which challenge the false teachings in Christian eschatology.

Lewis Allen Buckland writes from his home in Indiana and was raised up as a fundamental Baptist Christian; but nowadays regards himself simply as a non denominational Christian who follows the word of God both in its simplicity (The gospel) and its advanced complexity (Prophesy). He has also written multiple other books on other various subjects in Christianity and plans releasing future titles. “The Christian church: One body in Christ & and false Christian denominations (Part 1),” “The Christian church: One body in Christ & False Christian denominations (Part 2),” “The Book of Christian doctrine (Part 1),” “The Book of Christian doctrine (Part 2),” and “The ministry of uncircumcision.”


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