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Christian Author Bob Palumbo - The Red Letter Parables


The Red Letter Parables: 
Introducing Jesus as the Master Storyteller 
A CBM Book Review 10.0 out of 10.0 stars + 

The Red Letter Parables: Introducing Jesus as the Master Storyteller by Bob Palumbo reveals 40 stories told by Jesus, some well-known and some not so well-known, that present the Kingdom of God. These stories begin at the Wedding of Cana and continue on through the New Testament. Each story is unique, captivating, and announce a new beginning of a New Covenant with the life and ministry of Jesus. As a photographer would zoom in for a close up and zoom out for a panoramic view, the author zooms in and zooms out, to give deeper understanding of each teaching from each view. Focusing on the words in red, just as the red letter edition of the Bible, the author bunches some of the stories not normally considered parables contained in the books of Matthew and John to bring readers a fun and fascinating read through the parables of Jesus as Master Storyteller

Within each parable, the author paints a picture that brings great understanding of what Jesus was saying in His parables. Jesus often spoke in parables, but also revealed to His Disciples the plain truths of what He was speaking. The author has done an excellent job in researching not only the historical and cultural aspects, but also includes keen interpretations based on various commentaries and Biblical wisdom on how these stories impact us just as much today as they did when Jesus graced this Earth.

With each story revealed, readers will see that Jesus is announcing the Kingdom of Heaven that is at hand, this new Kingdom is offered to the entire world as forgiveness and grace. Shedding light on some fresh insights, readers will also discover thought-provoking teachings that present scriptural truths in a practical way. For instance, have you ever wondered what a Tare really is? This book speaks to those common questions with ease and adds a little humor on the side. Bob Palumbo’s writing style is like talking to an old friend wrapped around witty phrases, comments and references to T.V. shows that we can all remember as kids!

Encouraging and incredibly enjoyable read, this practical journey through the words in red as Bob Palumbo puts it gives hope and sheds new light on the teachings and parables of Jesus. 

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Highly recommended as one of those book you will not soon forget.

The Red Letter Parables is also available as a Red Letter Edition