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Dr. Nancy St. John has a well-kept, twenty-year-old secret. A pregnant high school senior, she is banished by her parents to live with her spinster aunt in Chicago.

Heartbroken, Nancy concentrates on her work and avoids intimate relationships. Hope, the daughter Nancy gave up for adoption twenty years earlier, finds her. A bond blossoms between them but is challenged by Hopeís leukemia.

Hope needs a bone marrow transplant, but she has a rare blood type. Nancy is not a match. Nancy is determined to find Skip, Hopeís biological father, who never knew about Nancyís pregnancy or why she disappeared so mysteriously.

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California, 1900 Nestled in the foothills of the northern California coast, the town of Laurel Springs is home to high-spirited Lily Blair, the daughter of Rev. William Blair. Lily delights in being spoiled by her grandmother and father, and even though she lost her mother to childbirth, she glories in life itself and continuously pushes the bounds of propriety.

Having her every whim indulged as a child leads to a tough road as an adult. Lily falls in love with James Conti and wants to marry him, but James heads off to fight in the Great War, leaving Lily alone and heartbroken. When her father wants to send her off to boarding school, Lily makes yet another rash decision and marries a man she does not love.

In the ensuing years, Lily endures hardship and loss, a sharp detour from the pampered existence she once enjoyed. Yet as Lily struggles to cope with these unexpected changes, she discovers just how powerful Gods love and forgiveness can be. But will it be enough to get her through the darkest days yet to come? 

Full of vivid historical detail,  Lily  is an emotional coming-of-age story that celebrates the strength of the human spirit.


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Abandoned as a child by her alcoholic parents, Gillian Grant was raised by her grandmother in a beach house in California. As an adult, in tribute to Gramís memory, Gillian wishes to restore the house to its former splendor. But she canít do it alone, and hires Dusty Bradshaw to help her.

Gillian and Dusty have nothing in common, except the restoration of the house. Gillian suffers from anorexia and is in denial. While she has a strong faith in God, Dusty is an unbeliever. Add to the complicated mess Gillianís confusing feelings for her childhood friend Josh and the sudden, unwanted appearance of Gillianís mother Betsy, who claims the house is hers. And she intends to sell it.

Gillian always dreamed of her wedding in her grandmotherís garden overlooking the Pacific. Will there be a wedding? Who will capture Gillianís heart - her stable, longtime friend Josh or Dusty, a new Christian, who has kept secrets from her? And who holds the deed to the house?