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Because He Said So:
Learn to Take God at His Word


Because He Said So: 
Learn to Take God at His Word
Talin Aintablian Aronson
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Because He Said So: Learn to Take God at His Word by Talin Aintablian Aronson offers readers hope, encouragement, and a challenge to take God at His Word in a practical step-by-step challenge designed to instill deep faith to believe for your miracle.

Chronicling the authorís life beginning with her strong faith in Jesus as a child, Talin Aintablian Aronson describes her progression into receiving the supernatural beginning at the age of 7.

Her story through upís and downs, miracle healings, dreams, visits from Jesus offer a profoundly detailed timeline of not only her growth in the Lord, but the demonic adversity. Candidly she exposes the tactics of the enemy that first came through fear, then through assaults (even from close relatives) false lies and assumptions, and obstacles in her life. These all shed light on the way the enemy can work. In the end the author reveals the joy as a believer, her salvation and the faith we are called to walk in as we simply believe God at His Word just as a child believes with child-like faith.

Through forgiveness and reconciliation, not in theory only, the author also highlights offenses that melt to nothing, and how being baptized with love through the Holy Spirit made the blame and fear disappear in her inner being. Her book literally helps those who have been wounded in such ways, giving them hope and the truth of God to recover themselves. Her journey is a path of encountering much evil along the way. One would suspect, some of these events that might come from the secular world, as such her book reveals an alarming routine in the way the enemy keeps a person from their God-given potential. In fact, she states that most traumatic events that hinder a person from their God-given purpose come from those in authority within the church, or situations sown into their lives from the enemy. She speaks of a wide-range of misunderstandings and issues that come from both leaders and church members that can run rampant within families and church. These are the devils fiery darts and tools to keep a person shackled. She offers freedom through Scripture and her testimony of the Lordís goodness.

In essence, the author teaches readers to trust God completely as she touches on forgiveness and reconciliation, her book will uplift readers into overcoming hindrances and blockages keeping them from living their best in God. Describing her road to maturity in the Lord is a delightful testimony, the miracle healings are true miracles, and she offers sound Biblical insight that will enrich readers lives.

Her goal in this book is to teach faith in believing like a child, to not accept the mundane familiarity of life, but to live fully loving God and loving others. Her book relates that miracles are possible for today and that you can move towards your own Promised Land.

Because He Said So: Learn to Take God at His Word is an incredibly important book that relates a lifestyle of believing and receiving through child-like faith and the infallible Word of God. An Incredible true testimony and a wonderful read!

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