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Christian Author Matthew Faye Terry

Christian Author Matthew Faye Terry
I Came To You In Weakness


I Came to You in Weakness
Matthew F. Terry
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

I Came to You in Weakness by Matthew F. Terry reveals a faith journey into the unknown. His decision to follow Godís will, and not his own, brings traveling to China to be an English Teacher. His story is one of great courage and faith as He finds God and follows God in his weakness. Beginning with an unveiling of the misery in trying to stay in a lifeless job that he could not stand anymore in corporate America, based in Chicago, as he describes it was a job he could not stand. In the midst of despair of endless resumes and job searches after being laid off in 2011, his journey begins as he chronicles the prayers and the answered prayers.

The author displays that trusting God was not easy, and some answers came in amazing ways, certainly not the way the author thought that God would answer. Some of the answers were incredibly simple. As it turns out, God can be practical as well as full of wisdom. Born out of the authorís weakness comes a great testimony to the scripture verse in Corinthians 9:10: My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.Matthew Terry reveals his trusting God despite all the weakness in the form of job security, traveling to a foreign country, and a medical emergency with his beloved wife.

Beginning with short segways into his venture from moving from seeking trust in the world, losing jobs, job searches, to complete disgust in online searches each section is short and sweet chronicling almost a year of finally coming to the boiling point. Some entries are rather candid and some humorous as he describes what its like to be looking and searching for a job in the midst of the bottom of the sea with all the other out of work colleagues. You can visibly see the downshift in the work-place and he describes the tension level on all 10 floors of his building. Again, direct and concise, these entries create a timeline of his desperation, his prayers and answers to God and how God answered.

Five sections describe his travels from his shift from self-reliance to finding life in weakness and fully trusting in God. Scripture verses speak of each section along with some pictures, as answers, prayers and encouragement for his path to be revealed as God speaks to His heart and leads him make for an invigorating read, sidelined with humorous side notes. In the end, you will find the author has been brought full circle and be inspired to follow God on your own journey into the brave unknown as you begin asking and following His will.

Humbling and insightful, this is a wonderfully touching and uplifting testimony of someone saying, I am all in; lets go. His thankfulness and enthusiasm ushers in a love for others and adventure. He reveals different aspects in China, some that tug at your heart like the children and the orphans. This book is breathtaking and refreshing!

Certainly, you will read this book with a smile inside seeing the goodness of God lead, protect and bless this man in his future endeavors. And certainly, God has the same for readers. This book is unique in the way it is written with short entries, the blending of a timeline, scriptures and faith, and leads others to discovering Godís will for their lives.

You may get your copy of I Came to You in Weakness at Amazon or in Kindle as a download. Be sure to visit the author at Matthew F. Terry to find out more information about his book and some great ministry.