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The power of Christian Book Marketing can help you market your Christian book, drive traffic to your authorís website, authorís blog, Amazon book page, Kindle book page and more, all while increasing your online presence, page positioning, page ranking and overall image on the Internet.

  • Prime Page Placement
  • Expand Your Marketing
  • Increase Your Online Presence
  • Higher Page Rankings
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Increase Traffic To Your Site
  • Professional Marketing
  • Network Expansion
  • SEO Smart Marketing
  • Amazon, Kindle Promotions

CBM Christian Book Marketing offers a variety of services.
The following are just a few.

  • Christian Book Reviews
  • Book Review Marketing
  • Christian Author Press Releases
  • Press Release Marketing
  • Independent Author Pages
  • Author / Book Article Blasts
  • Expanded Book Marketing
  • Author Blog Creations
  • Prime Front Page Marketing
  • Author Website Creations
  • Video Book Trailer Productions
  • Book Trailer Marketing
  • Christian Book Cover Design
  • Christian Book Publishing
  • Christian Book Editing
  • Network Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Smart Search Engine Optimization

Christian Author Promotions & Book Marketing Packages

ďGet Your Book On 100 Christian SitesĒ

Includes Your Book Cover Image, About The Author, Book Description And A Link Back To Your Authors Website, Blog or Authors Page On 100 Separate Christian Sites.

Our Prime Author Promotions & Book Marketing Packages

The Power of ChristianBook Reviews and Book Review Marketing

Book reviews are a part of every authors promotional picture. We see them on author sites, author blogs, in social communities and on other author and book related sites all over the Internet. They are essential and simply a part of the promotional book marketing arena and are a very powerful marketing tool.

We not only have the ability to professionally review your book. We can also use the book review as a powerful book marketing tool and place the book review on 100 separate Christian sites that all share the love and redeeming passion of Christ with the nation of the world.

For more information visit our Christian Book Review Page

Christian Book Marketing Press Releases

A professionally written press release can make a huge difference for a new author or book releaseWith a professionally written and submitted press release written by CBMís Christian Book Marketingís Press Release department, both you as author and your new book release will receive expanded exposure. We can also use your book review as a press release provided that it was written by our staff. Contact us regarding your Christian Book Marketing Press Release needs. CBM Christian Book Marketing can not only write and professionally submit your press release where all the right people can see it, we also can post your press release on 100 separate Christian sites. Check out our Christian Book Marketing Press Release page for further information.

The Power of Christian Book Trailers and Book Trailer Marketing

Book trailers are a great way to promote and market your book. They can be displayed on author web sites, on blogs, in networks, communities, social communities and wherever videoís can be hosted at. You Tube is a perfect example of the video craze with millions of videos and daily viewers. Let our staff create a book trailer that promotes your book and fits into your budget.

Use the power of our network of sites to market your Christian Book Trailer. Just imagine having your book trailer showcased on up to 100 separate Christian sites for one full year. Contact us for packages and pricing. For more information visit our Christian Book Trailer Page

Article Blast, Author Promotions & Book Marketing

Donít have time for a book review. Use our Christian Author Article Blast which includes the following posted on 100 separate Christian sites.

  • A professionally written article, very much like a book review or press release.
  • We incorporate an image of your book cover.
  • We add a link back to your authorís web site, author's blog and/or book page.
  • We post the article on 100 great Christian sites that all share the love and redeeming passion of Christ, Godís Word, Kingdom Principles, Encouragement and Hope.
  • The Article Blast remains on the sites for one full year. 

What are the benefits? You get the same benefits that you would get using our book review marketing or press release submissions and marketing.

  • Expanded book marketing.
  • Increases your online presence.
  • Increases page positioning on the major search engine.
  • Helps to increase page rank.
  • Smart SEO.
  • Network expansion.
  • Increases Traffic to your site.

Christian Author Web Sites, Blogs & Page Link Expansion

Looking to expand your reach and create a online presence. We can help. We design, create and launch author web sites, author blogs and author pages. Visit our Christian Web Design page for more information.

Christian Author Promotions, Book Marketing & The Power Of Networking

Unlike other marketing programs that offer author promotions and book marketing on one site with monthly renewal fees, we offer author promotions and book marketing programs on 25 sites, 50 sites, 75 sites and up to 100 sites with no monthly renewal fees. You get one full year of online author promotions and book marketing and at affordable prices. Now thatís good news!

Contact us for your Christian Book Marketing needs at:

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