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Leo J. Battenhausen

In his ground-breaking and controversial upcoming book, ‘Socialcide: How America is Loving Itself to Death’, Leo J. Battenhausen shows the other side of the American Dream – one where individuals are so obsessed with themselves that emotional and social problems have taken on a destructive new aggression. By exposing the problem through a unique fusion of social and psychological observations, Battenhausen hopes that citizens will stop committing ‘Socialcide’ and rebuild themselves into a race that is a model for global dignity and respect. 

For Immediate Release Roselle Park, NJ – There’s no way to sugar-coat the conclusions of Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Leo J. Battenhausen; Americans have become so obsessed with themselves that their country’s once-great bedrock of dignity and respect is crumbling from underneath them. Childhood social problems prevail at record levels, crime is becoming more heinous and the average American is now just a deranged sociopathic shadow of their former self. 

Battenhausen calls this shift ‘Socialcide’. In his new book, ‘Socialcide: How America is Loving Itself to Death’, he presents this fatal problem in its true light, while urging all Americans to change and make their nation great once again. 

Synopsis: What happens to a society when common courtesy, values, morals and kindness are not merely disregarded, but considered old-fashioned and outdated? Why are more and more children being diagnosed with social and emotional disorders today than ever before in history? When has true face-to-face communication become unwanted and obsolete? Where has America's sense of decency and honor gone over the past 35 years? Why do we find humor and entertainment at the expense of others' dignity and innocence? 

The words "narcissism; "sociopath" and "psychopath" are thrown around on television daily in describing those responsible for heinous acts of school shootings, murder, rape and child abuse. 'Narcissist" is currently one of the most searched words on the World Wide Web. Meanwhile, the field of Psychology wants to eliminate "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" from its references. When children are becoming less willing to leam, work or take responsibility for their actions, and parents are "too busy" to enforce morals and consequences when raising their children, we have a social problem. Socialcide is destroying families, marriages and true love. The media manipulates us, technology corrupts us, and spiritual warfare remains undetected to the naked eye because of it. America is Loving Itself to Death and Socialcide explains why. 

“The truth is that, if America continues to ignore the evil behaviors of so many, we risk losing everything that brought us together in the first place,” explains Battenhausen. “We urgently need to return to a culture of dignity and respect, while being aware that the technology apparently taking us into the future is actually causing us to regress.”

 Continuing, “It’s also time that we regained our confidence in spirituality and the existence of a higher power. It appears that we can’t just look after ourselves.” 

Early reviews for the book have been extremely positive. New York Times bestselling author, Shanna Hogan, comments, “In Socialcide author Leo J. Battenhausen has put together a compelling examination of the American epidemic of extreme narcissism that has invaded society. Battenhausen's engrossing account of this dangerous trend is thought-provoking and paints a scary picture of the impact of the trend. How dangerous is America's obsession with self-absorption? Perhaps "selfies" are just the latest example of how full of one's self one can get." 

Dr. Edward M. Merski adds, “A relevant and realistic connection between the fields of psychology and theology. Some personalities fall short of scientific explanation or reason. Battenhausen combines the spiritual and psychological to effectively explain America's growing love of self, its dangers and where it has come from.”

Leo J. Battenhausen