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Christian Author James Nelson

Christian Author James Nelson

Millennials, or It could be Xers or Zers,
but it's probably too late for Boomers



The author's research and presentation make this one of the most significant and creative nonfiction books written thus far in the 21st century. Agree or disagree, you can do everything but ignore it. While exploring the sources of polarization and generational prejudice in our culture, the reader will gain a greater understanding of the world around them. Why are the scientific discoveries of the last 25 years changing many people's view of the world? What are the secrets to maintaining civility in discussions that even involve politics? Are there not some general truths involving relationships and finances that can prevent great personal hardship and suffering?

Is there a definition of success that frees a person to pursue what is truly meaningful? Why are people like riverboat gamblers when choosing their worldview? The book is highly informative, entertaining, and sometimes provocative as it progresses from easier to more complex topics. The author has conducted extensive research and heavily documented his findings. There are many areas in life where a person can spend 10 years dealing with a problem or spend 10 hours reading a book that saves them substantial struggle. This is that book, and it can positively influence your life – and an entire generation

You may get your copy of Magnificent Generation at Amazon or in Kindle as a download. Be sure to visit the author at his web site Mag Gen Book for further information.