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Christian Book Reviews

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Christian Book Marketing - Christian Book Reviews are a part of every Christian authors promotional picture. We see Christian book reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, on author websites, author blogs, in social communities and on other author book related sites all over the Internet. Christian book reviews are essential and simply a part of the promotional Christian book marketing arena and are a very powerful marketing tool.

When Christian Book Marketing’s Christian Book Review Services reviews your book, we order a copy as a download if available and we carefully read your book and write you a professional book review with a rating from 1 to 10 stars with 10 being the highest. We can also review your book from manuscript form in pdf or as a Word.doc file for those of you that are waiting for your first printed copy or that want to speed the process up.

Plus Free Christian Book Review Marketing
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Upon completion, we will send you via e-mail a copy of your book review, and have it professionally posted at The Christian Book ReviewThe Book ReviewThe Authors PageChristian Book MarketingBook Buzz  Book Promotions and Authors In The Press or 7 other sites of our choice.

Christian Book Marketing Book Reviews Services Prices

Professional Christian Book Review ( for books up to 160 pages ) ....... $ 59.95
Professional Christian Book Review ( for books up to 300 pages ) ....... $ 89.95
Professional Christian Book Review ( for books up to 400 pages ) ....... $ 99.95

Expanded Christian Book Review Marketing

Putting The Power of Christian Book Review Marketing To Work 24 / 7”

Get your Christian Book Review posted on the following number of Christian sites for one full year, as follows: This is a great way to use your Christian book review as a powerful marketing tool.

Posted On 10 Author Book Related Sites ........................................................... $  99.95
Posted On 25 Author Book Related Sites ........................................................... $ 139.95
Posted On 50 Author Book Related Sites ........................................................... $ 199.95

Special : Order our 50 site Book Review Marketing Package and we will throw in an additional 50 sites, making the total 100 sites !!! Watch them expand.

Christian Book Marketing Christian Book Review Specials

We offer special pricing when an author wants multiple books reviews and book marketing.

Why Use A Christian Book Marketing Book Review Service vs. Other Book Review Services

By having a Christian Book Marketing Book Review service write a professional book review for a Christian author and book, the book review is written from a place of wisdom and knowledge in not only the Word of God, but also Kingdom principles. Just imagine having a book review service that writes book reviews for secular books of all kinds prepare a book review for your Christian book. The end results would most likely be unfavorable.

Plus, we have the ability to share your Christian Book Review within our network of Christian sites which all taps into The Christian Marketplace. Now that’s good news.

Here are some samples of book reviews written by Christian Book Marketing’s Book Review Services

Christian Book Review sample  
Christian Book Review sample Christian Book Review sample

Read What Other Christian Authors Say About
Our Christian Book Reviews

 It is with great pleasure I take this opportunity to praise God on behalf of my CBM Christian Book Reviews. Thank you, CBM for professionally creating the marketing package for my book as a new author. Christian Author Marie Nadeige Maurice

 I am so pleased with my CBM Christian Book Review and Smitty who did an excellent review of my little Christian Book, The GIFT. Smitty is a gift with his creative writing talent, desire to please AND help aspiring Christian authors market their books. CBM Christian Book Marketing is eager to help, encouraging, and easy to work with. ~ Christian Author Lila Senter


 I have used CBM Christian Book Marketing for a variety of services. Working with Smitty is a true pleasure. He is always professional and Christ-like. It is obvious that CBM is not only a business but also a ministry. Smitty is always accommodating making sure the services are exactly as I want them. I have used their services for two books and have been well pleased with every service they have rendered.
Pastor and Christian Author, Rusty Kuhn


I returned to CBM to have my second book reviewed, because they did such a good job with the first one. And I am delighted again. Both reviews are thorough, professionally structured, and obviously written by someone who knows and more importantly cares about the subject. Needless to say, such reviews are very important indeed. I am very grateful to CBM, and I highly recommend their service.
Christian Author William Luke

It is with deep gratitude and joy that I would like to thank CBM for their support of my book, "Liberating Inner Eve." My experience of working with Smitty is that he does his up most to be of service to Christian authors, helping them to navigate through, the often unfamiliar, marketing world. And, he is a pleasure to work with. It is an uplifting experience to be collaborating together-combining our unique areas of expertise, in the service of helping others to find much empowerment within their Christian faith. With many thanks. 
Christian Author Bozena Zawisz


Smitty, you are the best marketing promoter the Lord has ever had! I believe you have the authors, the kingdom and your company's best interest in hand. The review is beautifully written and excites me all over again. I am very impressed with you and your company.
Christian Author Dolores Lee

I am so very thankful for the professional, accurate and truthful review of One Life to Give and the many outlets you have listed the review with. May God continue to bless you with such a special ministry you have for Christian authors, well-known, not-so-well-known, and some first-timers such as myself. It is a great a joy to know my book is in very good hands. ~
Christian Author Rick Blaisdell

My experience with CBM Christian Book Marketing has been truly a God given experience. The group is very professional. I received great reviews as a result of CBM Christian Book Marketing and most importantly, was able to get the message of my book to places that before were unavailable. I have tracked hits on my website for a year now. About 3 months ago, an average day was 500 hits with 800 exceptional. I now have 2,500 – 3,200 hits per day putting me at 265,000 hits in a year. I cannot thank you enough CBM Christian Book Marketing! Christian Author Samantha Ryan Chandler