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How To Contact Us About Our Christian Book Marketing Services,

It’s east to contact us. Simply e-mail us at:

Hours Of Operation & Further Information

Our network is online 24 hours a day, however, our staff is online from 9 am till 7 pm Monday thru Friday. You can even catch us on Saturdays until around noon time. However, Sundays are set aside for the Lord.

Telephone Communications:
Currently all communications are via e-mail due to our work load. We also conduct all communication through e-mail for the reason that this way, all correspondences are in writing which removes the potentiality of those “I thought you said or I thought you meant” potentials that can arise through telephone communications. Through such, this provides both the author and us with a record of all communications between us and the author.

For our book review and manuscript editing services, our mailing address is provided after receipt of payment for services. We use PayPal for all of our online transactions.

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Those Things Beyond Our Control

While we at CBM  are dedicated to assisting Christian authors with online marketing through a variety of services. We are not, however, responsible for the ever changing Internet known as the world wide web. It is a complex world out there online and constantly changing and evolving.

While we do our best to stay on top of the constantly changing waves that seem to roll in and out to include policy changes for various networks and social communities that we use for marketing purposes, we are not responsible for those things that are beyond our control.

This is to include online marketing that we perform online whereas the site, hosting company, community or service discontinues services or makes changes in their guidelines that bring about the removal of any marketing sought by CBM.  We further can’t be responsible for communities, sites and/or networks that go off line from time to time.

Term of Marketing

Remember, as stated on our web site and through e-mail communications, the terms of our marketing is for one year.

Although CBM has never removed an authors marketing to date. CBM reserves the right to remove any marketing performed by CBM at the end of one year. CBM further reserves the right to remove marketing performed by CBM whereas the authors web site link and/or any other links associated to such become broken links, or lead to non existent pages.  Broken links and pages that are no longer available have a bad effect of SEO and are therefore subject to removal.