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Get your own Christian book page right here on CBM.
You will have a link on all 47 pages.

Having your own Christian book page right here at CBM Christian Book Marketing provides you with additional book marketing and exposes you as a author and your Christian book title to the masses.

CBM Christian Book Marketing can be found on hundreds of Christian sites, author book related sites, additional sites, plus all the major search engines. We hold excellent page positioning on major search engines under various title and word searches and CBM Christian Book Marketing has participated in the marketing of titles that have hit the million seller list.

The fee is $199.95 per year.

We provide book cover uploading, web page designing, editing, web page maintaining, social community buttons, and marketing with regards to your page here at CBM Christian Book Marketing.

 What are the requirements?

1. You must be a published, soon to be published, POD or self published author. (we except new book releases in advance)

2. You must provide us with a .jpg of your book cover, a description of your book and the link to which site you want your page associated to.

3. You must provide us with your authors name, book title and any other information that we request pertaining to your page. Our desire is to provide you with a professional authors page, our readers with a great online experience, all while taking into consideration the site layout and overall appearance for our clients and viewing readership.

4. There will be a link on our home page with your name as author that leads to your authors page here at Christian Book Marketing.

5. Payment is required in advance and we only accept payment via PayPal.

Interested authors may e-mail us the above required information for review, if approved we will respond with a e-mail and money request through PayPal.

For further information about all of our Christian Book Marketing needs contact us by e-mail at:


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