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Author Daniel John Gura

Author Daniel Gura

Modern steel and concrete office towers don’t just collapse, yet everyone was staring at one that looked as if someone had sat on it - someone really big - and that didn’t make any sense.

God’s Avenger opens with an act of destruction that is Old Testament in scope. How will the arrival of the Archangel Michael change the lives of ...

~ Fred McBarker, Senior Building Inspector
~ The Reverend Jackie Jefferson, Pastor at Large
~ Michell Staylor, President of the Council of Women
~ Dr. Muhammad Ali Hammudiluh, Abotionist

Add talk radio conspiracy theories, city bureaucrats fighting the truth, and scores of genuine believers who put themselves on the line, and you’ll find a story that is as enthralling as it is unforgettable.

Daniel Gura weaves pro-life fervor through an electrifying story of an avenging angel who answers righteous imprecatory prayers by delivering true justice. Yet, the story has an intrinsic irony and situational humor that brings a smile and wraps itself around your heart. The issue is timely, the characters are fascinating, and Gura’s style is spellbinding.

DANIEL GURA is a dedicated pro-life activist and a prolific writer. One of his greatest achievements was being fired as a newspaper columnist for being “too Christian, too conservative, and too controversial.”

Author Daniel John Gura
Michael, The Imprecatory Angel