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Adele M. Gill

How To Go From Broken to Blest


How to Go From Broken to Blest offers an easy applicable, practical 6-Step Guide based on the truth of Scripture. The authorís sound wisdom provides a ďhow toĒ that leads to increased faith as the book provides answers that offer peace, joy, and Godís wisdom that lead to a life of wholeness mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Profound in nature, the book sheds light on Biblical principles that enhance and transform negative attitudes and perspectives to a realization oneís greatest source is complete trust in Jesus and the solid foundation of His Word.

Teaching others how to move forward despite circumstances makes this book life-transforming and powerful. A shift from your own perspective to Godís perspective is vital to understanding and living a blessed life. The author advocates that Godís ways are best. Furthermore, addressing pertinent issues as the Covid-19 crisis, worry, fear, anxiety, depression, addiction, avoiding negativity in our thoughts, as well as removing oneself from toxic situations and people, brings sound wisdom. The book presents scripture verses that explain Biblical principles that bring people from darkness into the light of salvation and grace. Designed to advocate the beginning of the healing process in the inner man the authorís purpose is to bring readers into a place of peace and freedom that only come from choosing a life centered in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Included in this fantastic book is a 6-week Small Group Discussion Guide guide that is ideal for small group settings. Reading her book is like sitting down with a wise counselor that can offer one tips on how to practically apply powerful life-lessons from the Bible. This book is ideal for believers and non-believers alike--anyone who is struggling in any way, as it leads the reader to greater trust in God, by helping them acknowledge their struggles, and go from broken to blest.

How To Go From Broken to Blest